There are several trails available from the Red Lodge side when you head up the road to the Beartooth Pass. Unfortunately, most are along streams and do not have a lot of subalpine or alpine flowers. Examples of these are Lake Fork Creek (19 miles to September Morn Lake), and the West Fork of Rock Creek. Once you get to the switch-backs, you are at The Hell Roaring Creek entrance into Rock Creek. There are several lakes and meadows of flower all of which require a hike in. Once you are on top of the pass, there should be a tremendous amount of flowers. There are several lakes along the highway which should have flowers near them (Island, Beartooth, Long, and Little Bear Lakes). I would also suggest going towards Cook City and taking the road/trail near the Cook's Ranger Station which goes north up Fisher Creek. You can go closer to Cooke City from the the east to a road up Miller Creek. A better approach is to get topographical maps (US geoplogocal Survey (Denver, CO 80225) They have afolder describing the map areas covered. The Cooke City, MT-WY, Beartooth Butte, Alpine, and Emerald Lake maps should cover the entire road area.

My real interest was flyfishing for golden and cutthroat trout, but later I became fascinated with Castilleja spp (paintbrush).

Good Luck,

Dave Nelson

On Mon, Jan 12, 2015 at 1:59 PM, umberger wrote:

My husband and I are going to Billings, Montana the first week of August to visit with friends. We will be driving up to Red Lodge and along Beartooth Highway. Are there places I should be sure to see?
Beth Umberger
Zone 6 elevation 2,300 ft.


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