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Validity of published names - confirmed 


Crocus gunae, Crocus reinhardii  Crocus iranicus are the new species
described by Dr Jānis Rukšāns in IRG 61 January 2015. The Type specimen
sheets have been prepared by Jānis  and the Holotypes submitted to
Gatersleben and/or Gothenburg. The descriptions have been overseen, as
stated by Jānis , by Dr Reinhard Frtisch a professional botanist of great


I show this example showing detail of  Type and Holtype :

Crocus gunae Rukšāns species nova. Type: Ex culturae in horto Jānis Rukšāns.
(Plants from Iran, Mazandaran, between Astaneh and Fulad Mahalleh. open
slope not far from pass. 36.01.001 N; 53.37.750 E. Collected 23-04-2008.
WHIR-100). Holotype: GB (Gothenburg)


All procedures have been undertaken as required for the  valid publication
of these names under the authorship of 

Dr Jānis Rukšāns. 


M. Y. 




Adolf Ceska aceska at telus.net
Mon Feb 2 06:29:47 CET 2015 

The last issue of the IRG  e-magazine was nice, but I doubt that Janis’
three new species were validly described. The author did not select the
types, he only mentioned the herbarium where the types are deposited. 
That’s not enough, I think.
All the best,
Adolf Ceska
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