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From: Mark Griffiths
Sent: Monday, April 27, 2015 5:20 AM
Subject: [Alpine-l] Places to visit Kelseyville, San Francisco, Oakland

hi, long time since I posted so forgive me if I break etiquette.

I'll be off to this area May/early June. I'm interested in good places to see 
alpines or bulbs.

We will start in San Francisco / Oakland and then going up to Kelseyville in 
Lake County. Hopefully we'll get some lifts from relatives but I guess major 
hikes and climbs will not be possible. One thing I think I've found - the 
cemetry where my wife's parents are buried in Oackland seems to be a location 
for the Oakland Star Tulip.

regards, Mark Griffiths, Oxford, UK.

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