Happy New Year from East Tennessee, where I had daffodils in  bloom 
('Rijnveld's Early Sensation') on Christmas Day and record high  temperature of 
degrees.  So much rain that there were rivers running  across both the front 
and back yards.  Friends from across town couldn't  get here for Christmas 
dinner because of roads under water.  Snowdrops  and Lenten Roses are also 
blooming and most other bulb flowers are  coming up.  Weird Weather!!!  This, 
after below zero  temperatures, ice and snow the last two years.  The yard 
was full of  robins this morning, and I've been hearing frogs peeping in the 
creek  nearby.  (It is supposed to return to normal temperatures the first 
week of  the new year.)
Pardon the unprofessional dialog, but I miss the back and  forth we used to 
Elin Johnson
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