A new year begins.

This is the direct link to download IRG 85 http://www.srgc.org.uk/logs/logdir/2017Jan261485471226IRG85.pdf

The IRG Team hopes to bring you an interesting mixture of subjects over the year to enthuse and perhaps educate you in the ways of the plants

which form the basis of our growing interest. In this issue, a number of Saxifraga hybrids recently registered with Adrian Young the registrar of

the Saxifraga Society, are formally introduced from the breeder David Walkey who sadly died earlier this month.

Adrian also provides a short introduction to David Walkey’s hybrids.

In conjunction with the printed journal of the SRGC, The Rock Garden, we are delighted to feature another contribution from Matt Topsfield

to supplement his article in TRG 138 of January 2017 with a photo essay of narcissus found on his trip in the footsteps of John Blanchard,

who will, we hope, be pleased to see how his previous travels still inspire plantsmen today.

M. Y.

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