Thomas Witzel wrote:
What needs to be done in order to improve the Audigy 2 support ? If there is anything that can be done by just implementing things that are not implemented because of lack in human resources then I wouldn't mind volunteering with some of my time.

Getting some datasheets on how the Audigy 2 works.
More exactly, it has something called a P16V or P17 chip on the board that does all the 24bit 96khz audio stuff, and we know nothing about it, and so we can only do 48Khz 16bit, just like a SB Live. The SB Audigy2 does has much better DACs than the SB Live, so their is some benefit in getting a SB Audigy 2, but currently not much.

We have been trying very hard to get Creative to release some datasheets, but things are taking a very long time.

So, if you have time, try to discover how the P16V chip works and tell us.


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