On Monday 24 May 2004 18:02, Clemens Ladisch wrote:
> Gilles Dégottex wrote:
> > Why SND_SEQ_EVENT_NOTE event doesnt accept direct dispatching ?
> > technicaly, there is surely a reason, but conceptualy, I dont see. Why do
> > a difference ?
> SND_SEQ_EVENT_NOTE isn't a 'real' event but gets split into two
> events, SND_SEQ_EVENT_NOTE_ON and _OFF, and the latter must be sent at
> a later time.  Scheduling events to be sent later requires a timer
> which isn't avilable without a queue.
it's a real library programmer problem, yes, but i'm not sure it should be the 
problem of a library user. Why dont use an internal and hidden queue ?

> The SND_SEQ_EVENT_NOTE event is the only event that uses the
> event.data.note.duration field, but you cannot know what the value in
> this field means without having a timer which specifies how long one
> timer tick lasts.
Ok, without units it's a problem for everybody :) and what you think of a 
default units ? or accessors of the internal queue ?

if you dont like the hidden queue idea, maybe a macro wich auto-fill the event 
structure with courrent queuing time could be very usefull !


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