At Mon, 24 May 2004 16:16:42 -0700,
Alex Song wrote:
> hi,
> i am trying to get SPDIF output working on ATI IXP/Realtek ALC655 and i am
> using atiixp.c from cvs (version 1.9) and linux kernel 2.6.5. i tried
> playing back wav files through aplay and ac3 files with ac3play and i
> couldn't get any output from either SPDIF over AC97 or SPDIF Direct. analog
> output is fine. from the cvs logs i gather that SPDIF on ATI IXP should work
> for some cases at least, has anyone got it to work? if so with what
> files/hardware/settings etc?

it works fine on my test machine.  it's an ASUS mobo (forgot the

        % ac3dec -C some-48k.ac3


        % aplay -Dplug:spdif foo.wav

but the direct SPDIF mode doesn't work...

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