[Remi Bernhard]
>I read a lot a great thing about the audiophile 24/96 on the net, and i
>decided to buy it to get better latency than my old sblive! I just
>received the audiophile 24/96 and unfortunatly, i have a lot of XRuns
>with when i run jackd.

my old system had various 2.4.x-ll kernels, asus board and a k6-III
450, then migrated to kernel 2.4.19-ll, a cheap-as-hell board (forgot
the brand name) and an athlon xp 2k, ALSA versions ranging from
pre-0.9 CVS to 1.0.3.

the PCI audiophile 24/96 ran and runs smooth as a train in all
configurations at 64 frames / 44.1 kHz.

obvious question, is your kernel ll-patched? if not, go here:


(i gather that 2.4 is still the better choice for low-latency

oh, btw, the ISA 'Blaster AWE64 i used to run in the old board did
64/44.1 just as stable as the audiophile.



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