I am trying to do work on the Audigy LS driver.

I have now discovered that I can send sound to the Front, Rear and Center/LFE.
I have not found out how to set the amount of interleaved channels that the sound card can do, so it is fixed at 2 channels per stream.

The sound card has 4 voices for 4 separate stereo streams.
Each voice has it's own DMA and HW pointer.
voice 0 sends sound to the Front speakers.
voice 1 sends sound to the Center/LFE speakers.
voice 2 sends sound to unknown, (no sound comes out yet)
voice 3 sends sound to the Rear speakers.
There does not appear to be any hardware mixing, so each voice can only be opened once.

Should this be set up as: -
info sub0 sub1 sub2 sub3

or instead ?

I think (2) is the correct way, so I will make a start using that method.


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