Clemens Ladisch wrote:

Cournapeau David wrote:

My second problem is related to snd_card_next: If the card value
returned by snd_card_next is different from -1, does that always mean
than a alsa audio device is present on the system ?

It means that same kind of device with an ALSA driver is present. This does not mean that you'll be able to play PCM data to it. And there may be software devices available.

Is it the best method to probe a soundcard with alsa support?

snd_card_next() and snd_ctl_pcm_next_device() will give you a list of hardware devices only.

Usually, you should use the device named "default" and let the user
allow to specify another device name.

Ok, that's what I thought reading the different sources I checked, concerning the device name. But I am still a bit confused how to probe a soundcard to play a pcm stream to it: what should I do after having found an hardware device with snd_card_next ?

Is there always a "default" name ? Or is it user dependant ?



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