I have an Audigy2 el cheepo edition, and an Audigy LS.
The Audigy2 luckily has a separate digital output jack, so I can easily connect a mono or stereo jack into the Audigy2, have an RCA plug on the other end, and plug it into an external AC3 decoder, and AC3 passthru works.

The Audigy LS has a combined 4 pole Center/LFE output and Digital output.

I don't have a cable that plugs into this jack and works well.
I can get center/lfe output, but the quality is awful.
I cannot get any spdif digital signal from it, and I suspect that this is due to me not having the correct cable.

I am based in the UK.

Can anyone tell me where I can get a good 4-pole mini-jack cable that I can use to test digital AC3 output on the Audigy LS?

Apart from the above problem, I have basically finished the Audigy LS driver now.
It supports 5.1 analogue output and can record from the MIC input.

Latest Audigy LS driver available from: -


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