On Sat, 5 Jun 2004, Chris Purnell wrote:

> For PCM playback the EMU10K1 driver is allocating an extra voice.
> This is somewhat wastefull and I kind of need all 64 voices.
> Is appears to be using it to generate the period interrupts.
> Does anyone know what it would take to rewrite the driver to
> not need this extra voice?

I'm not sure, if it's possible in a simple way. The extra voice is
required to do the proper interrupt acknowledge. If I remember correctly,
the interrupts are going faster than voice position otherwise.

Anyway, it wouldn't be a big problem to update driver and create a new 
(ONE!) PCM device with multiple mixed channels (up to 63).


Jaroslav Kysela <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Linux Kernel Sound Maintainer
ALSA Project, SuSE Labs

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