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Has anybody successfully configured alsa 1.0.13 on debian (KnoppMyth r5f1) to 
pass-through AC3 on nforce4 hw ?
My mobo is Foxconn K8MA-8EKRS (nforce4 based).
I successfully managed to play mythtv, mythmusic & mplayer with stereo AVIs.
Problem is with AVI with AC3 sound (passthrough).
My receiver react quite strange and randomly:
-sometimes I hear 5.1 sound but my receiver is not displaying DD 5.1 type of signal
-when my receiver displays DD5.1 - so sound is on speakers :-(

It behaves like some registers in nforce4 spdif hardware are set randomly... Will alsa 1.0.14 help here ? Is anybody was able at all to use AC3 passthrough on nforce4. Many nice boards for Myth FE are based on this chipset - so it would be nice to have fully working spdif...

thx in advance

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