I help manage a system of around 100 computers.  Recently we updated
the computers with HP z4 g4.  We included a second sound card the ASUS
Xonar DGX that just records sound.  The sound (with video) is encoded
and in order to speed up encoding time, the sound is recorded in 10
minute segments.  While one segment is recording, the previous segment
is being encoded.  This process works as it has been used with older
hardware for 10 years.

We started seeing one our two consoles per day unexpectedly reboot.
After some troubleshooting, we've determined:
1) All unexpected reboots that do occur, occur when the process that
records sound and video is terminating.
2) If we shorten the recording segment to 2 seconds, we can get a
computer to reboot within 30 minutes.
3) The system is 100% stable when a small simple USB sound card is
used instead of the DGX.
4) The computer unexpectedly rebooted on my while I was changing the
mixer settings even when that card was not being used for recording.

I'm wondering if there is a bug in the oxygen driver that we have.  We
use Oracle Linux 7.5 stock with the UEK kernel version
4.1.12-112.16.4.  When I run aplay --version, it reports 1.1.3.

Is this a known issue?  Is it possible that the driver has already been fixed?

Chad Skeeters

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