> From: Mgr. Janusz Chmiel [mailto:janusz.chm...@volny.cz] 
> So if I understood yours well, fully automatic switching is 
> not directly 
> supported by The ALSA. And very probably, there is currently 
> no free or 
> opensource solution for ALSA Linux user than manually finding 
> name of USB 
> connected device and switching to it. It would be very interesting 
> programmers experiment to develop daemon, which would 
> automatically switch 
> between output devices if some new device will be added. But 
> very probably, 
> this is not so simple as it could seems to Me. Thank you very 
> much for yours 
> kind answer on my question.
> But ALSA is still my favourite sound server. It is true, that 
> I do not 
> manipulate with output devices so often and The fastest 
> responsiveness of 
> audio device is always The device, which is internally 
> connected to PCI not 
> to USB port.

The kernel provides notification of the appearance or disappearance of a
hot-plug device, and this is normally exposed through udev, the userspace
side of which is now incorporated into systemd. It's pretty easy to write
udev rules that cause scripts to run, and it should be pretty easy to write
scripts that do what you want.


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