Hello Dear Linux ALSA Nerds!

I need a suggestion.

My Xonar DX is dying long painful death(power port is loose). (such a shame, 24 bit, 192khz, i will miss you)

Same goes for my Earphones(HD 598, cushions break apart and don't seem replacable, somewhat loose cable).

So now I am looking to replace and slightly upgrade my set. All of items above are good, just are used to death.

I am on Linux Gentoo, so compiling kernel modules and configuring .asoundrc is not an issue.

I am heavy computer user. So video content, games, audio content, VOIP calls. ideally with low latency(for gaming). Ideally USB2/3(i don't want it to share resources with mouse/keyboard). AMP purpose is new Earphones which I am about to buy( suspect SH HD600 or something similar) Would be nice it had preamp for microphone.

Budget for all is ideally 400 $/euro. Overblown budget one that you highly recommend will be considered.

Bonus suggestion for good set of on ear earphones.(around $300)

Please suggest either:

DAC + separate AMP(I know, amps are out of scope for you, but come on, if you have one and it makes you happy - share some love!)

DAC + AMP combo.

Any of above + god set of Headphones for all of it.

Don't be shy and shower me with options! :)

Thank you in advance!

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