Not to be a pest, but does anyone know or know where I should be asking?


On Thu, 26 Dec 2019 21:55:15 -0500
David Niklas <> wrote:
> I can find mentions of the CMI8888/CM8888 in the Linux kernel sources.
> I also found this post from 2014:
> Although it only mentions the CM8888 specifically in the patches which
> are linked to.
> In a 2019 post here:
> the group says: "They [C-Media] know that their chips will be in our
> Open Source Hardware motherboard and will provide us with the needed
> information to write drivers as may be needed."
> Is the CMI8828/CM8828 supported in Linux?
> Thanks!
> PS: Some sellers call them CMI**** and some call them by CM**** my
> research has shown that they're identical chips.

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