On Sat, 18 Jan 2020 21:53:23 +0100, Jürgen Gluch wrote:
>I want to redirect audio within alsa to stream, so that another
>software can use it other output.
>Let me explain my setup. My multiroom audio for 4 rooms runs on my
>sever and the audio is hard wired to 4 stereo amplifiers. The server
>(on Xubuntu 19.04)  has two soundcards (HDMI as hw0,0 and a 7.1
>soundcard as hw1,0). So far I only used the 7.1 for the multiroom
>audio. The 7.1 soundcard is remapped to dmixer and four 2.0 outputs,
>that are used by four independent mpd's (music player deamon). So
>every family member can run its own music player client on the mobile
>phone or use the wall mounted tablet to choose music (mp3 file
>database or web radio streams) and the rooms were the output should be
>active. This runs stable and nicely for years now. Since some time we
>enjoy spotify and I want to stream the spotify audio also to the
>multiroom speakers. Therefore a spotify client (the original) is
>running on the server and its output goes to "pcm.!default", which I
>set to hw0,0. The different spotify apps play also nice together, but
>I cant find a solution for the connection from spotify output to mpd
>Is there a possibility to stream the "pcm.!default" to file and make it
>available to mpd as a web stream (e.g. localhost, any port, as raw,
>wave or ogg)? I tried to use "type file" but was not successful.

An off-topic side note:

IMO this is an odd approach. Hard wiring 4 amps in 4 different rooms
with obviously consumer grade audio devices of one machine, gains
absolutely nothing over 4 completely independent audio setups, each for
one room. Apart from the issue you are experiencing now, that probably
is solvable, the main issue is, that if the one machine gets damaged,
audio for 4 rooms doesn't work anymore. IMO the better approach would
be to allow access to a server data base of audio files and links to
web radio stations, but to have separated audio systems for each room.

For consumer grade audio quality smart phones and the wall mounted
tablet PC, accessing the server to get audio files and web radio links,
but connecting directly via e.g. bluetooth to an audio system in a
particular room, is way better, since less failure-prone.

It would be different, if one machine has got an expensive professional
garde audio device and 4 rooms should benefit from the highly graded
audio quality.

Your way IMO is making something very simple way to complicated. I
dislike the smart home approach, that usually isn't anything but
smart, but just asking for trouble.

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