I have custom board based on Texas instruments AM5718 and TLV320AIC3106.I
have ported alsa based driver.I have some query related to this driver
1) I need to capture 64ms data for every read. I am using minimum loopback
program alsa_loopback_min.c. In this program default latency is 0.5sec.what
is the minimum latency value to be needed to capture 512 samples of 16bit
data(single channel) .Here latency is the only parameter decide period size
and buffer size.
2) In McASP driver I have put 32 samples as threshold for read and write
DMA transfer.is it necessary for the buffer size to be multiple of 32
(tx-num-evt =32, rx-num-evt =32 in device tree file)
3) My understanding about alsa read/write was, when 32 samples are ready,
hardware generate interrupt and copy these samples to ring buffer reside on
the kernel space(is this correct or not).

Satheesh Kumar S
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