Hi Mailing list,

I'm hoping somebody can either help me solve this, or at least confirm that
it can't be done so I can stop trying to solve it. Long story short, I have
a built-in audio card (ALC892), which looks like it should be able to
capture two inputs. At least, alsamixer shows "Capture" and "Capture 1",
JACK agrees with that assessment, and if I've figured out how to read the
system info, that should be right.

The card has front mic, rear mic, and line-in options. If I assign any of
them to "Capture" in alsamixer, I can record from any one of them. But I
can't record from "Capture 1". Nothing assigned to it comes through. It has
been switched on in alsamixer. I'd like to be able to capture one of the
mics and the line-in at the same time.

Does this sound familiar to anyone? What system information do you need to
help figure this out? Or is this a known "it doesn't work, stop wasting
time on it"?

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