On Mon, 2020-05-18 at 19:54 +0200, Maurizio M wrote:
> Hi Ralph, yes I was missing the third part in fact you are absolutely 
> right. I did step 3 and already saved 2 presets thank you very much. I 
> wanted to ask you for more information then if possible, I have 2 more 
> outputs from the expansion card that I have just installed, the 
> AO4S-192-AIO, which however I can't activate. I can't get anything out. 
> The outputs of the card are 4 monophinic that are used to make 2 stereo 
> outputs and while the output 3 and the output 4 of the card, I am 
> currently using them successfully and I managed to direct them to 
> channel 19 and channel 20 of the mixer, the outputs 1 and 2 of the card 
> which should go to channel 17 and 18 of the mixer, I can't address them. 
> I put 1-2 AN then analog outputs in the drop-down menu, I also put 3-4, 
> 5-6 I tried them all but I couldn't. Can you tell me where I'm wrong? Thanks

Sorry, I can't help with this. To ensure that you understand how
hdspmixer works, I recommend to temporarily install Windows and
TotalMix. Maybe a dated version of TotalMix. When I installed Windows
and TotalMix around 9 years ago, TotalMix was already more advanced than
hdspmixer, but there was no real difference related to the GUI's routing
principle. The latest version of TotalMix might be completely different.
I don't know.

However, I know how to use an aged version of TotalMix and
seemingly/likely how to use hdspmixer, too, but never got all available
IOs working on Linux. For some reason the card also doesn't work, when
trying to use Ardour with plain ALSA instead of jackd. I guess the
driver is fishy, or some ALSA config was and still is missing on my
machines. Some people claimed, the driver does work for the HDSPe AIO
without issues, too.

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