On Fri, 14 Aug 2020, Shapeshifter wrote:

> some months ago, presumably after a kernel update, my system (archlinux)
> started having the following problem.
> After booting, it takes pretty much exactly 1 minute for the HDA Intel
> PCH / Realtek ALC898 audio card and devices to become available.

the delay comes from snd-hda-intel for the Intel onboard HDA controller, 
trying to hook up with Intel graphics (i915). In your case, HDMI is hooked 
to NVidia, so this will fail and you hit the 60sec timeout. The driver 
does check whether i915 is present, but for some reason in your case 
this does not work as expected. Are you using the i915 driver at all? If 
you load it (even if not using it for displays), that should help with the 
delay as well.

For a quick workaround, 
options snd_hda_codec_hdmi enable_acomp=N

... but this is likely to affect HDMI audio for NVidia as well (all newer 
ones need acomp as well and the above setting affects both).

Br, Kai

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