Hi all,

I am using an onboard Audigy LS with the ca0106 driver on Fedora Core 6.
This is on a mythtv box and I would like to use mythtv's internal volume
controls, but of course I don't have a Master control.  I first tried
just using softvol to create a Master control and that did not work.  I
then read that you need to be able to run aplay on the device from 2
consoles simultaneously in order to use softvol.  I could not, so I then
set up dmix.  I can now run 'aplay -Dduplex file.wav' from 2 different
consoles simultaneously just fine.  I can also control the volume with
'amixer set "Master" 90%' and the volume is correctly set.  In mythtv I
have it set to use the internal volume controls and control Master and I
have the mixer set to /usr/bin/amixer.  Sound comes through fine but I
can not control the volume with the remote.  Also note that with my
new .asoundrc xmms no longer has sound other than 'clicking'.  I can
deal with that later as for now I just want to control the volume with
my remote.  Here is the pertinent info:

[EMAIL PROTECTED] 11:30:26 ~ ]$ aplay -L
    CA0106, CA0106
    Front speakers
    CA0106, CA0106
    Rear speakers
    CA0106, CA0106
    Center and Subwoofer speakers
    CA0106, CA0106
    Side speakers
    CA0106, CA0106
    4.0 Surround output to Front and Rear speakers
    CA0106, CA0106
    4.1 Surround output to Front, Rear and Subwoofer speakers
    CA0106, CA0106
    5.0 Surround output to Front, Center and Rear speakers
    CA0106, CA0106
    5.1 Surround output to Front, Center, Rear and Subwoofer speakers
    CA0106, CA0106
    7.1 Surround output to Front, Center, Side, Rear and Woofer speakers
    CA0106, CA0106
    IEC958 (S/PDIF) Digital Audio Output
    Discard all samples (playback) or generate zero samples (capture)

[EMAIL PROTECTED] 11:30:23 ~ ]$ cat .asoundrc
# Personal: ~/.asoundrc
# Global: /etc/asound.conf

pcm.snd_card {
    type hw
    card 0
    device 0
    # mmap_emulation true  # If mmap() err

pcm.dmixed {
    type dmix
    ipc_key 1024
    #ipc_key_add_uid false   # No user restriction
    #ipc_perm 0666           # IPC permissions for multi-user
    slave {
       pcm "snd_card"
       rate 4800          # If chipmunks
       #buffer_size 4096  # If pops
       #period_size 512   # If crackles

pcm.dsnooped {
    type dsnoop
    ipc_key 2048
    slave {
        pcm "snd_card"
        rate 48000        # If chipmunks
        #period_size 128  # If crackles

pcm.softvol {
    type softvol
    slave.pcm "dmixed"
#    slave.pcm  "duplex"
    control {
        name "Master"  # Can rename this
        card 0

pcm.duplex {
    type asym
    playback.pcm "plug:softvol"
    capture.pcm "plug:dsnooped"

pcm.!default {
    type plug
    slave.pcm "duplex"

pcm.dsp0 {
    type plug
    slave.pcm "duplex"



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