Dear HoverHell, thanks for the idea.

I don't have .asoundrc in my home directory. Do you think I can just  
create it and the system will find it?

Also, I'm not sure how I would specify the device. I'm using hw:default,0  
for the Skype sound output, it is not the default device. (Which sounds  
stupid, seeing that it's called "hw:default", but when I do not specify a  
device I get the laptop soundcard, not this one.)

Could you have a look at the attached information and confirm how I have  
to clarify in .asoundrc that I mean the hw:default,0 device? Thank you!

With best wishes -

. . . Christian

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From: HoverHell
To: "Christian Asseburg" <>
Subject: Re: [Alsa-user] Fix Skype on headphones sound only on one ear
Date: Sat, 18 Apr 2009 14:49:32 +0200

Christian Asseburg wrote:
> Dear ALSA users list -
> I'm using Skype for Linux on a laptop, with the laptop soundcard (card 0)
> the default and a USB headset for Skype calls (card 1). Everything is
> working fine, except that the sound during Skype conversations is heard  
> on
> one ear only. I would like to hear (the same) sound on both ears. Please
> point me in the right direction on how to fix this, thank you!
> . . . Christian

In asoudrc examples there's a way to solve that problem (which i didn't
encounter lately though):

# skype and ekiga are only mono, so route left channel to the right channel
pcm.mono_playback {
      type route
      slave.pcm "default"
      slave.channels 2
      # Send Skype channel 0 to the L and R speakers at full volume
      ttable.0.0    1
      ttable.0.1    1

e.g. it routes left (AFAIR) channel on 'mono_playback' device to left
and right of 'default' device.

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