I have an old Novation X-Station 25 that i bought off ebay and am trying to
using with kubuntu 11.10 64 bit

It just refuses to work in duplex mode. I can use it either as an input or
an output medium with alsa or jackd..midi also works as long as it is not
loaded in duplex.(for e.g. when i use it with skype in alsa, i need to use
my laptop speakers for output while the xstation can be used for input).

Essentially from the error it seems to indicate that there is  a usb
bandwidth issue  (detailed logs below..am just posting the key excerpts
which caught my eyes.
[ 4223.247062] cannot submit datapipe for urb 0, error -28: not enough

ALSA: could not start playback (Broken pipe)

This is a usb 1.1 device..it has two inputs and two outputs/headpones/spdif
out/ midi in and out.

The manufacturer confirmed that this is a usb class compliant device and
apparently from the posts on the internet this used to work with linux
properly at one point in time. I am using it with an external power supply
(600ma power supply - enough power over and above 500ma which is needed by
the device for supplying phantom power to mics). Note that I also have a
zoom g9 which i can use as an usb audio interface in duplex mode..so I
think that kind of rules out any issues with my usb hub. Also tried
switching off my laptop webcam/hd audio and removing the usb mouse till the
internal hub and the Xstation were the only usb devices connected, but no
success. So am wondering if this an issue with the driver.

Can someone help? I have added in various logs below. Please let me know if
any further detail is required.


Dmesg output when the device is plugged in


It also fails when i start jackdmp. Paste bin output here


The dmesg output after jackd starts is here


When i try to load alsamixer by selecting the device using F6..it crashes
with the following

*cannot load mixer controls: Invalid argument*
The output of lsusb -v is as follows (this is using the novation ems driver)

only the novation ems details

full details of all devices

The output of lspci is as follows
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