I have a CM106-based usb sound card (0d8c:0102) with SPDIF-In. My aim is to
decode the compressed audio formats that may come from this source. And the
first task for this is to get the original sample rate of the source to
avoid any resampling.
According to the CM106 datasheet, one can read the SPDIF-In sample rate
from SPDFI_FREQ bits (8~7 of register 03).
What is the correct way to do so? Can ALSA read those register bits? Does
ALSA provide any general interface for the userspace applications that
indicates the SPDIF source sample rate? Should I attempt to communicate
with the hardware with libusb, or can I do it with ALSA only?

Please advise.

Best regards,
Denis Shulyaka
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