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> Oh sorry that last email was a mistake! Could you please remove that!


Most links to archives provided by
are dead links, even googling for other archives, e.g. at nabble, leads
to nothing. However, if an admin would remove a mail from one mailing
list archive, there usually are copies provided by archives the admin
can't access.


You sent this mail to the list. You reach other subscribers, but perhaps
not an admin. If an admin randomly should read your request and would be
willing to remove your mail, should the admin remove your request to
remove the original mail, too?


Asking for a removal of something you sent to a mailing list makes no
sense, to the contrary, you only call attention on it.

I never heard of something that was sent to a mailing list and that was
removed from an archive. From time to time people sent requests to
remove something.

Note, there are likely thousands of copies on thousands of private

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