On Wed, 9 Aug 2017 20:42:30 +0200, Philip wrote:
>ALSA in Linux Mint 18.1 does not set up the SPDIF by default. Only an
>analog output with the respective profiles are shown in the end in the
>Pulse Audio controls.


perhaps not an ALSA issue, but a pulseaudio issue?

Seemingly the device should work OOTB:


Consider to subscribe to this forum and ask there.

FWIW I'm not using the same device as you, but among PCIe and PCI audio
interfaces, I'm using one USB class compliant device, too. It's a
Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 2nd gen and S/PDIF works OOTB.

I'm using ALSA and jackd 2 (not jackdbus) only. For packages with a hard
dependency on pulseaudio I build an empty dummy package
"pulseaudio". This works for at least Ubuntu and Arch Linux without

On Arch Linux I'm using https://github.com/i-rinat/apulse for Firefox,
on Ubuntu I don't have Firefox installed and nothing else I'm using
requires pulseaudio.

AFAIK you could disable pulseaudio temporarily, so for testing purpose
consider to at least disable pulseaudio, remove your asound.conf entry
and try again using plain alsa and/or jackd 1 or 2.

Btw. neither my consumer, pro-sumer, nor my professional audio devices
cause static noise when using balanced as well as unbalanced analog IOs.
For some unknown reason the headphone output of my RME PCIe card had
unbearable computer noise in the audio signal, some day it occurred,
stayed for months and then disappeared. I suspect a cable issue, but
can't say for sure. However, I'm using a new headphone cable, as well
as a new computer, since my old computer anyway was fishy and outdated.

Even if cheapest consumer gear does cause static noise, something is


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