I've a Linx 820 tablet (cherrytrail z8350) which seems to have an
RT5651 codec. Using driver bytcr_rt5651 which is loaded automatically,
sound works fine on headphones, but the speaker output appears to play
(in that the the seconds count up and pavucontrol shows "sound" on the
little graphs) but the output is silent (I've checked it's not muted).
Also, PulseAudio denies there is any microphone on the machine and for
headphones the jack detection doesn't work so the output must be
switched manually to headphones.

Is this likely to be because it needs some of the driver's quirks
settings for the hardware? Are there particular ones it's likely to be
that I should try first? The tablet DMI-identifies it's made by Insyde,
and the code for the the RT5640 suggests they needed several quirks on
that (similar, bay trail) hardware. 

Many thanks for any pointers/suggestions to get me started!


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