On 29/01/18 14:25, Clemens Ladisch via Alsa-user wrote:
Nikos Chantziaras wrote:
alsactl sometimes fails to restore the mixer settings at system boot. Failure 
rate is about 50/50.

systemd-udevd[151]: Process '/usr/sbin/alsactl restore 1' failed with exit code 
systemd-udevd[149]: Process '/usr/sbin/alsactl restore 0' failed with exit code 

This sounds as if the card numbers might be mixed up.  How do you control
which card gets which index?

I don't. I didn't even know this is possible (or needed.) I just assumed everything is "plug&play." How do I assign numbers?

(Note that this only happens with systemd. OpenRC never had this issue.)

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