I've recently been using a CMI8738 sound card. This has a strange problem where sound coming from the 'front' or main audio output has the stereo channels swapped. I searched google and found a .asoundrc file that swaps the audio channels back to the right way, but it had a problem where software outputting mono sound stopped working. So after a while, I worked out how to swap the stereo channels in a way that didn't affect software outputting mono.

I thought I should share it in case anyone else would find it useful.

Below this line is the contents of my .asoundrc

pcm.swapped {
    type         route
    slave.pcm    "cards.pcm.default"
    ttable.0.1   1
    ttable.1.0   1

pcm.thisplugthing {
    type         plug
    slave {
        pcm    "pcm.swapped"
        format S16_LE
        channels 2
        rate 48000

pcm.default      pcm.thisplugthing

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