On Mon, 16 Dec 2019 22:16:34 +0100,
Patrick May wrote:
> Hello,
> Takashi Iwai wrote:
> >Good to hear.  I'll merge with a proper changelog later.
> >Meanwhile, maybe it'd be better to disable the MIDI port automatically
> >on such a device if possible.  Could you check the PCI SSID of this
> >device (e.g. the output of lspci -nv)?  If it looks like a proper and
> >unique ID, we can make a blacklist for excluding the MIDI port.
> I've attached the output of "lspci -nv" to this message. Let me know
> if you want any other information.
> 09:00.0 0401: 13f6:0111 (rev 10)
>       Subsystem: 13f6:0111

So unfortunately it's a generic SSID, and can't be used as the
identifier.  The only way is to pass the option manually.

I'm going to merge the patch for 5.6 kernel, as it's no critical
issue nor regression.



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