I have a somewhat unusual setup. I have an old 5.1 receiver that only has an
S/PDIF input (it can decode DTS and AC3), and no analog 5.1 inputs.

I'm trying to get 5.1 audio from my laptop, which only has an HDMI port,
so I'm using an HDMI audio extractor to send audio to my receiver via S/PDIF.

This works fine for 2 channel PCM, but I'm not having much luck with the a52

I'm using Pulseaudio, and with pavucontrol, and I don't see any profile to
enable AC3 output over HDMI like I do for the S/PDIF output on my USB sound
card (which doesn't actually work - I don't think it's bit-perfect).

I'm not opposed to ditching Pulseaudio, but I did try to use just ALSA
and after running "aplay -L",I didn't see the a52 device for each of my
HDMI outputs like I do with the dcaencplugin (which also doesn't work since
it apparently produces bitstreams that areincompatible with some hardware

I followed the guide here:
...to create the "pcm.a52" device, but I'm not sure how to make it create
devices for each HDMI interface.

Does anyone know how to create an a52 device for each of my HDMI outputs?

Additionally, I know this is Pulseaudio related, but does know how to create the
proper profile so I can select it with pavucontrol like I can for
S/PDIF outputs?


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