I cannot seem to find a single bit of concrete information on the status of
the drivers for the Sound Blaster AE-9 DAC. Is it being worked on at all,
or is it not a priority at the moment?

The device's behaviour at the moment is strange to say the least. I'm
currently using Pop OS and it seems to detect that the device is connected
at the very least and the optical out is lit up like it's functional(though
I have no optical input devices to test it), but it is not accessing the
breakout box used for most of the important connections (XLR connection,
headphone out, etc.).

If more information on the hardware itself is needed then I'd be happy to
contribute in whatever way I can, but I'm not quite sure where to start, as
there is no information other than what little I found on a reddit post


Any information at all would be helpful. If its simply not being worked on
then I wont waste my time or anyone else's trying to get it to work.
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