Ralph, the AO4S expansion card for HDSPe AIO also works well, adds 4 monophonic 
outputs that become 2 stereo and does it totally independently of the main AIO 
card. It has an analog section and a DAC dedicated only to you and its outputs 
so the quility is at the top. What I don't understand is how to save HDSPMixer 
settings. I tried to adjust the volumes of the channels, one of the presets 
flashes, I press the button of the desired preset, for example 1, they all 
flash, I press save and he blocks the flashing preset. It seems done but when I 
restart the machine after turning it off, at the next restart the preset 
returns to the origin and has not saved anything. I also tried through a 
drop-down menu but nothing does not save. Why? Do you have any idea?

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