Mark Hills wrote on 6/7/20 9:20 AM:
> On Fri, 5 Jun 2020, D. R. Evans wrote:
>> Many functions say about the return value:
>>   0 on success otherwise a negative error code
>> Where is the documentation for the various possible "negative error code"s? I
>> am seeing a -32 under a specific set of circumstances, but don't know what
>> that returned value means, or even what header value defines it.
> Have you seen the snd_strerror() function?

Yes, thank you; usable at a pinch, but not really what I was trying to find,
which was more like the kind of thing one usually sees in man pages (the
better man pages, anyway); (I'll refrain from commenting on the lack of man
pages for ALSA).

> For any errors you may want to choose to take specific action, these are 
> sometimes documented eg. snd_pcm_writei() has an explanation of the 
> expected errors returned. The ones you will commonly see are summarised 
> here ("Error codes"):

Yes, that's the kind of thing I was looking for. Thank you. It's a pity that
the individual functions don't tell you which ones they might return. And it
sounds like the list at that page isn't complete. But, as you suggest, it's a



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