I have a few questions related to arecord, which I couldn't find in
the man pages nor anywhere on the internet.

My use case is very simple, I'd like to record stereo 24/192 audio
into a WAV file from an E-MU 0202 USB interface using an old laptop
(Core 2 Duo).

For this I thought of using the device which starts with "hw:", as it
seems to me that it provides the least processings over it. The
recording works without problems, however I'm confused about the

What is not clear to me:
--mmap - should I use it or not? I'd be writing from USB to hard drive
a wav file.
--period-time, buffer-time, period-size, buffer-size - I'm totally
confused about these. I'd like the highest possible recording quality,
latency doesn't matter to me.
--avail-min - what is a wakeup?
--disable-resample/channels/format/softvol - do I need this if I
selected the hw: device? I'd like to record without any kind of
--test-position/coef/nowait - do I need this for my use case?

Thanks and regards,

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