Hi All
I would like to combine one alsa card to work as one. 
I have two alsa cards on my board. I hope when I capture audio data from the 
second alsa card, the data source is comes from the first one. Is there a 
configuration method to set up a tunnel for this. Otherwise I have to capture 
audio data fro mthe first alsa card and then play the audio data to the second 
alsa card and then capture the audio data from the second alsa card. I hope 
there is a way can set up a tunnel with a virtual device , when I capture the 
data from the virtual alsa card it can complete the who process capture from 
the first alsa card ad then send to play to the second one and capture from the 
second one. Complete the pipe line using a virtual device.
arecord -Dhw:0,0|aplay -Dhw:1,0|arecord -Dhw:1,0

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