Hello, first of all thank you for the attention.

I already uploaded info about my configuration in the following link

The PC is a laptop, brand KUU model xbook, cpu Intel Celeron J4115, linux
distribution is Kali, kernel is 5.10. (I have same issues with other
distributions too)

The issue is not related to pulseaudio but to ALSA as it does not show the
integrated stereo output but just HDMI(and i have only 1 external physical
mini HDMI).

I tried to pass grub "915.disable_power_well=0" added model=auto as option
to snd_hda_intel in modprobe. Checking the information in the model list of
hda i can't find the exact occurrence of my card. This should be the
windows driver page
(link from http://kuu-tech.com/page2.html). I'm open to any possible

The laptop had audio with windows10, now even reinstalling it to latest
version and with those drivers it won't work.

Thanks for any suggestion in advance

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