Dear alsa-users:

        This is my first message.
        Slackware upgraded a few dozen packages Mon Aug 16 05:28:16
UTC 2021, including pulse.  Since then audio has malfunctioned.  When
I run:

        alsactl init

I get:

        alsa-lib parser.c:2137:(parse_toplevel_config) Incompatible syntax 4 in 
        alsa-lib main.c:1014:(snd_use_case_mgr_open) error: failed to import 
hw:0 use case configuration -22 [/quote]

        amixer scontrols

returns only:

        Simple mixer control 'Master',0
        Simple mixer control 'Capture',0

It's never done that before. ucm.conf is the same it has been for
months. I don't understand the messages.  The first line in ucm.conf is:

        Syntax 4

so I suspect some incompatibility, that some alsa-using software
expects a different syntax so some of the capabilities of my audio
hardware aren't being controlled.

        I update Slackware daily.  I build my own kernel, am using
5.13.11.  My alsa packages are:


        Thanks for your attention.

russell bell

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