On Tue, 21 Dec 2021 19:56:32 -0800, Paul A. Steckler wrote:
>I'm running Linux Mint 20.2 (x64 / Cinnamon).
>I'd like to play sound from a device connected to my sound card's
>line-in. I'm able to do so by enabling the loopback device in
>alsamixer. But even with the line-in level and line-in booster level
>set to 0, the volume is too loud.
>Adjusting the line-in volume level in pavucontrol seems to have no
>Is there a way to reduce the volume level to an acceptable level?


roughly speaking: As long as the analog input circuit is fed with an
appropriate analog audio signal and the digital input domain doesn't
exceed 0 dBFS, the signal is "acceptable". Attenuation is only required
when mixing (especially non-floating point) digital audio signals, but
when doing this, you are anyway using e.g. the digital mixer of a DAW,
that allows to adjust the signals.

You probably want to adjust the output signal of your audio interface
or better, just the level of the speaker's/headphone's analog amplifier.

Or else, if the analog output of the device connected to the analog
input of your digital audio interface doesn't fit, you might need to
convert impedance.

IOW I can hardly imagine something that requires to adjust line in
levels, apart from some exceptions, for this you will use gear that
provides to adjust the analog input levels of your digital audio
interface. Let alone that for such a setup, you probably want to remove

Please describe in what way the signal is "too loud". Is the signal
distorted? Is the speaker's/headphone's sound too loud? That each and
any app has got volume controls nowadays is a silly custom. Only very
experienced audio engineers know how to use layers of level controls.
When connecting line out with line in typically no "line" level control
is needed at all.

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