On Tue, 7 Dec 2021, Venn wrote:

> I picked up a Digigram VX222v2 to play around with and hopefully do a
> video on. Curious if anyone has one running on a modern-ish system?

Not recently, but I do still own one an original VX222 (not v2), and have 
a motherboard with a PCI slot.

Searching through my old mail archives, I have a personal email thread 
from 2007 (presumably the last time I tried it) where I discussed 
lockups/bugs where SMP is used and high CPU usage.

The high CPU usage (30% of a Pentium 4 2.8GHz) we concluded to be the 
driver doing a lot of work in the IRQ handler (which Takashi thought could 
be fixed by use of workq to defer the work); also that the card does not 
use DMA (my basic understanding is it's essentially an old ISA card with a 
PCI bolted on). But at the time performance on Windows was good, showing 
it's more driver than an intrinsic limit of the hardware.

The analogue performance of the cards is surely still excellent, and the 
limits of the driver sound interesting as a project to learn driver 
development, just I never got to it.


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