I'm running Ubuntu 22.04 LTS desktop minimal on an Asus Prime B660M-K D4
motherboard with an Intel Core i5-12400 processor. I'm using the onboard
HDMI connected to a Marantz receiver which is connected via HDMI to a TV.

I've tried the following applications (all latest versions) without success:
* Mythtv
* Kodi

In each case, passthrough configuration options are either greyed out or
not showing.

The output of alsa-info is here:

Note that multi-channel audio (e.g. 5.1 PCM) works fine for VLC and Kodi
(but not MythTV in which I cannot select more than 2 speakers regardless of
ALSA device) but passthrough does not.

I also have an older PC with an nVidia 630 video card running Ubuntu 20.04
and the same MythTV version which is also connected to the same Marantz
receiver and TV. Digital audio passthrough works fine on this box (DTS,
TrueHD, DDD+, etc).

Does anyone have any suggestions?

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