Benjamin Moody <> writes:

> Hi,
> On Thu, 15 Sep 2022 05:19:43 +0100
> Dekks Herton <> wrote:
>> With me i couldn't get sound out of the tablet, with standard
>> Bullseye, it worked with Buster but then Intel rewrote the
>> Haswell/Broadwell audio driver with the new catpt driver which broke
>> Bullseye. I raised Debian bug #896822 and this enabled the catpt
>> driver and after some work i got the firmware to load and sound from
>> the tablet. AFAIK the dmic still didn't work.
> Thanks for the pointer!  I think you mean bug #986822, though. :)
>> I then moved to testing and everything broke again, for other reasons
>> i'm now on EndeavourOS which is arch based and the tablet is without
>> speakers or mic as it tries to use the HDA driver on the tablet. 
> I found that (on Debian, at least), the catpt driver works if the
> IOMMU is disabled.  Debian enables the IOMMU by default for all
> devices except Intel GPUs - I don't know about EndeavourOS, but it
> might be similar.  You can disable the IOMMU using the option
> "intel_iommu=off" on the kernel command line.
> I reported Debian bug #1014299, and haven't gotten any response.  I
> meant to bring it to the upstream kernel developers, but I've been
> distracted. :)


Doesn't work on EndeavourOS, guess the kernel isn't compiled with catpt


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