On Sat, 2022-10-29 at 11:59 +0100, Patrick May wrote:
> I wouldn't call it "discontinued" when so many people and existing & new 
> projects are still using it. Imo it's a testament to how much gnome 
> messed things up starting with GTK3.


while gtk2 is still available by almost all, if not all Linux distros, a
lot of gtk2 apps already suffer from serious issues, at least on some
machines. De facto gtk2 is EOL.

Fortunately it's possible to workaround the most annoying gtk3 oddities,
at least for users who have the time to do so. However, even gtk3 is
outdated, but still supported. The migration to gtk4 is already done by
several apps and I doubt that it's still possible to workaround the
oddities of gtk4. It's probably even not possible anymore for users who
can spend a lot of time in maintaining their computer environments.

FWIW the GNOME foundation shuts down all mailing lists hosted at
gnome.org end of this month and as a replacement it only offers the most
bizarr instance of a Discourse forum I've ever seen, with a gamification
overdose and a broken mailing list feature.

Starting a new project based upon gtk2 is foolish. Old projects based
upon gtk2 soon or later need to be rewritten or they will go the way of
the dodo.

I'm not an alsamixergui user, but IMO FLTK was a way better choice than
gtk2 is.


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