Dear list,

I am happy to join this mailing list hoping to learn a lot about the ALSA its 
I am working on an old Lenovo X1 carbon with an HDA Intel hardware running 
Debian testing with a linux kernel 5.16.0-6-rt-amd64.
I have been working with Debian for quite a while, but since my last upgrade I 
am having issues with sound in my system (the classic “Dummy Output”)..

Since I was getting no result on trying to fix Pipewire/Wireplumber or 
Pulseaudio, I decided to wipe my system and just install (from apt) the 
following ALSA packages:

libasound2 1.2.8-1+b1
alsa-utils 1.2.8-1

…and I am already having some problems.
First of all, I can list all my audio devices with play -lL and record -lL, so 
all the drivers should be in place (I guess).
Opening alsamixer shows the card HDA Intel PCH (chip RealTek ALC3232) and I can 
set all the levels as I want. Playback and recording works as expected, but the 
list in the F6 menu is empty only "(default)" and "enter device name…" are 
listed, and I remember that I could switch between the integrated Realtek 
device and the HDMI output.

So I started to look around and check the ALSA services but:
sudo alsactl restore 
returns a symbol lookup error: undefined symbol snd_ctl_elem_id_compare_set 
version ALSA_0.9
And so do the services:
sudo systemctl status alsa-state.service 
sudo systemctl status alsa-restore.service

They are both deactivated, and, as expected, everytime I reboot the laptop, I 
have to manually restore the mixer settings

I am not sure whether the two problems (the empty list in alsamixer and the 
symbol lookup error) are related, but I would really appreciate if you could 
guide me through a possible debugging path.

Thank you very much in advance for your help.


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