I ran across it last summer, I think it's from Manjaro or Gentoo.  You
copy it into place and do an alsactl restore, and suddenly sound
sources that were buried in the mud can be heard.  it even worked on
my Pinebook Pro.

I'm trying to listen to streamed baseball through Firefox on a
Raspberry Pi 3B.  I'd like the sound to be through a USB sound card
because it's most flexible.  For archived games I get sound out of the
headphone jack (selected in raspi-config).  For live games I hear no
sound, it's like they send it someplace different.  I don't think my
monitor can do HDMI sound.

I've messed around in alsamixer and amixer, set controls so nothing is
turned down all the way.  Even Pulseaudio doesn't seem to have the

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