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Subject: Kitchener 2007 release
Date: Sun, 27 Nov 2005 14:28:48 -0500

Kitchener Awarded 2007 ISC Championships

The International Softball Congress (ISC) and Kitchener Fastball Promotions 
(KFP) are happy to jointly announce that both 2006 and 2007 ISC 
championship tournaments will be conducted in Kitchener, Ontario.  The 2007 
tournament dates are August 10-18.

As many know, Decatur, IL was originally awarded the 2007 tournaments 
through the bidding process last August in Eau Claire, WI during the 2005 
ISC World Tournament.  Following the Decatur award, the Decatur Sports 
Foundation became aware of some issues within their organizing group which 
would have jeopardized their ability to properly conduct the ISC World 
Tournament and the ISC II Tournament of Champions.

On November 11, Decatur officially withdrew as 2007 host.  With the ISC's 
blessing they plan to return to bid a future ISC.

The ISC approached Tom Clancy representing KFP, and asked if Kitchener 
would be able to conduct both 2006 and 2007 tournaments.  It was felt that 
it would be easier and more efficient for Kitchener to conduct the 
tournaments in consecutive years than to seek out a new location.  In 
addition, the ISC has complete confidence in Kitchener's ability to 
organize and stage top-quality tournaments.

While the ISC has been in contact with several prospective bid cities as 
well as former hosts, Kimberly and Eau Claire, it was apparent the most 
logical location would be Kitchener, for a variety of reasons.

    * Kitchener has their organizing committee and all other necessary 
components in place for 2006 and it was simply a matter of having everyone 
agree to take on 2007 as a seamless continuation.
    * Any other location would have meant less than 2-years preparation 
time, re-organizing or organizing their tournament committee, securing 
hotel room blocks, obtaining needed sponsors and in some cases, organizing 
a competitive host team.
    * Kimberly had earlier informed us of their intent to bid for 2008.
    * Kitchener can turn this scenario into an advantageous situation by 
being able to package sponsorships and other commitments for a 2-year 
period instead of just a single event in 2006 only.  It may also be an 
advantage for all involved to obtain a 2-year TV commitment.

November 28, 2005

Gordon Wise - - ISC Information Officer
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