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Subject:  Vancouver Grey Sox v. P.G. Black Bears - May 27-8 Results

Prince George, BC -

The Vancouver Grey Sox won all 4 games in Prince George over
the weekend.
By all reports the weather was great - hot and sunny - and there
good crowds on hand at newly renovated Spruce City Stadium,
site for this year's Canadian National Championship in August.

Saturday, May 27:

Game 1

Grey Sox 11
Black Bears 6

W.P. Nick Underhill (10K's), and Kris Waverick
L.P. Ryan Brand and Chad Ghostkeeper

HR - Vancouver - Dan Whiteford (3R)
HR - P.G. - Eddy Dent (2) - (3R and 2R)

Game 2
Grey Sox 7
Black Bears 0

W.P. Rick Smith (2 hitter, 8K's), and Brian Banner
L.P. Dan Valachy and Chad Ghostkeeper

HR - Kevin Schellenberg, Gerry Kennedy (2R), Derek Mayson (3/3

Sunday, May 28:

Game 3

Vancouver 8
Prince George 1

W.P. Nick Underhill (2 hitter, 8K's, 1 BB), and Brian Banner
L.P. Ryan Brand, and Chad Ghostkeeper

Grey Sox: Gerry Kennedy-3/3, 2R HR; Scott Newitt-2/2, HR;
Dan Whiteford-2/3, 3R HR

Game 4

Vancouver 7
Prince George 2

W.P. Rick Smith (8K's), and Kris Waverick
L.P. Norm Linton, and Jason Fulton

Grey Sox: Derek Mayson-2/3 3RBI

The Grey Sox are now 14-0 on the season. Next on the schedule
is a 4 game
v. Portland C/R, with pitchers Mike Piechnik, Roberto Bahler
and Mark
on June 3-4 at South Memorial Park in Vancouver. Doubleheaders
are slated
Saturday, June 3 starting at 3:30 p.m. and Sunday, June 4 at
11:00 a.m.

Conrad Margolis
Vancouver Grey Sox


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